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      美篇 2021-08-16 16:59:55


      You and I moving in the dark (你我行走在黑夜中)

      Bodies close but souls apart (是如此的靠近然而心卻離得如此的遠)

      Shadowed smiles secrets unrevealed (詭秘的微笑和掩藏的秘密)

      I need to know the way you feel (我想知道你的感受)

      I'll give you everything I am and everything I want to be (我將給你我所有的一切以及我想擁有的一切)

      I'll put it in your hands (我將把它放到你的手心)

      If you could open up to me oh (只要你愿意敞開你的心扉)

      Can't we ever get beyond this wall (我們能夠越過這堵墻嗎)

      Cause all I want is just once to see you in the light (我想要的只是一次在光亮處好好的端詳你)

      But you hide behind the color of the night (但你卻總是藏在夜色的背后)


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